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Fractional Laser Resurfacing A Futuristic Face Lift

Science is always coming up with more and more ways to improve our health and our appearance; recently, there has been an influx of laser based treatments laser hair removal, laser eye surgery and the subject of this article, fractional laser resurfacing.

 It may sound like something that workmen do to improve the road surface, but laser resurfacing is really taking off within the cosmetic surgery arena.

 What is Fractional Laser Resurfacing?

 Laser resurfacing is the use of a high energy laser beam directed to specific parts of the face. The aim of the treatment is to remove (or burn off) the top layer of skin, revealing fresh skin underneath.

 There are actually two different types of laser resurfacing ablative and non-ablative.

 Ablative laser resurfacing is the most frequently used type and involves the high powered laser being used to destroy the very top layer of skin to reveal the fresh pink layer below (known as the dermis). The surgeon will then use the laser at a lower power setting to heat this skin, thus encouraging the growth of healthy, wrinkle-free new skin.

 Non-ablative laser resurfacing is the same except that it does not destroy any skin whatsoever; it only heats up the top layer of skin to encourage fresh skin growth.

 Fractional laser resurfacing means that only a small part of the face is treated at one time. It can also be carried out on the entire facial region if the patient so desires.

 Who Can Benefit from Fractional Laser Resurfacing?

 Laser skin resurfacing can be beneficial to a range of different people from either gender. The most common purpose for having the treatment is the removal of wrinkles, chicken pock or acne scars, and to even out skin pigmentation. Whilst there are those who will pigeonhole the treatment as something that only the older generation has done, there are plenty of young people who have fractional laser resurfacing to help in the removal of unsightly scars or blemishes from the face. Because it is generally a cosmetic surgery rather than a medical one, it can be a fairly pricey endeavor. The exception to this is if a doctor decides that a scar or blemish is having a truly detrimental effect on a persons physical or mental wellbeing.

 What Are the Benefits of Fractional Laser Resurfacing?

 The most clear cut benefits are the removal of fine lines, wrinkles and scars from the facial region. These can easily cause a person a great deal of embarrassment and can be very detrimental to their overall health. Fractional laser surgery can restore the self confidence that tends to disappear after the onset of serious wrinkles or scarring. Older people that opt for this procedure often feel much happier to have younger, fresher looking skin.

 What Risks are Involved in Fractional Laser Resurfacing?

 This procedure, like many others, is not without its pitfalls. There are a number of side effects that could occur during and following the operation. In fact, many people are shocked when they see themselves for the first time following this procedure particularly those who have their entire face treated. This is because the skin generally reddens quite a lot, and can also blister and ooze. This is a natural part of the healing process and will disappear in good time; however it can be a surprise to some people expecting immediate results. During the procedure itself, it is possible that a patient may catch a skin infection. This is due to the revealing of such delicate new skin which is far more vulnerable to external factors than tougher top layer skin. Scarring is rare but a possibility, and there have been reports of total or partial loss of skin pigmentation.

 As with all cosmetic procedures, it is recommended to consider all of these risks and balance them with the perceived benefits. Try and seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before taking the plunge.

 Fractional Laser Resurfacing: The Final Word

 All cosmetic surgery comes hand in hand with risks and benefits. In the case of laser resurfacing, this is also true. On the one hand, laser resurfacing is a great way and very successful in almost all cases to look younger and/or remove scarring; however, it could also cause scarring if anything were to go wrong.

 As with any decision worth making in life, the choice is yours just make sure you have all the facts and come to an educated, well-rounded conclusion.

 The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your health care provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate health care provider.

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Five Essential Hair Products For Every Woman

There are a few essential, can't-miss products that every woman should have in her hair care arsenal. Outlined below are the five essentials.

 Product One: Everyday Washing and Conditioning

 Firstly, the right shampoo for her hair type and a conditioner that will soften and strengthen the hair without leaving waxy build-up are necessary to get off to a good start.

 Shampoo and conditioner are two of the most important products you use on your hair, so it is crucial to get the right type. Straight hair can handle harsher shampoos but will look weighed down and greasy with an overly creamy conditioner.

 On the other hand, curly hair will soak up a rich conditioner, while harsh shampoos will leave it dry, dingy, and frizzy. Those with color treated, relaxed, or permed hair should also look for rich conditioners to repair the damage and return hair to its former, soft feel. Most hair types should avoid shampoos with surfactants in the ingredients, as these can be very drying.

 In general, it is good to use the smallest amount of shampoo necessary to get your hair clean. In addition, conditioners with products that end in -cone, such as silicone, tend to leave waxy buildup. This may make the hair appear shiner, but does nothing to actually improve the health and softness of your hair. Wet hair is fragile, so if you want to detangle immediately after a shower, try to use a wide toothed comb rather than a brush.

 Product Two: Deep Conditioning Treatment

 Next, a monthly deep conditioning treatment, such as a protein or hot oil treatment will keep hair soft and silky.

 A monthly deep conditioning treatment can do wonders for your hair, especially if it is curly or heat damaged and prone to frizziness. Protein treatments are among the best of these and can restore much needed protein complexes to damaged hair. Hot oil treatments can soften hair, but may also leave hair looking greasy. Some traditional, natural treatments, such as olive oil and egg wraps or avocado and coconut milk can also be very helpful.

 Product Three: Hair Styling Mousse or Straightening Gel

 For styling, the mousse that suits your hair type and styling needs, with a light spray of gel, will result in an immaculately groomed look every time.

 Mousse is a versatile product that is forgiving across a variety of hair types. Whether you need to give volume to flat, straight hair or tame unruly curls, there will be a mousse out their created to give the desired result without leaving your hair stiff or greasy.

 Hair gel is another great tool, but it is often overused and can leave hair looking stiff and artificial. That's why spray hair gel is such a great option. These products are lighter but will still achieve the necessary hold for the most unruly of hair. It is also great for taming down frizz, either before you leave or as a touch up as the night goes on.

 For those of us with straight hair, or who are tired of wild curls, a straightening gel is the answer. It helps control frizz and reduce fly-away hairs, so your hair looks sleek and manicured. If you are aiming for the well-groomed, movie-star look, chances are a straightening gel will help you hold onto it after youve left the house.

 Product Four: Wide-toothed Comb

 Hair is more fragile when wet and stretches if brushed. This can damage the hair and leave it in very poor condition or cause it to split. To get the tangles out after washing instead of brushing use a wide-toothed comb. They are cheap and readily available, easy to clean and will make a huge difference to the state of your hair, truly an invaluable tool in your haircare arsenal.

 Product Five: Dry Shampoo (Between-wash Hair Powder)

 What the heck is dry shampoo? Its a leave-in powder that you use to absorb the oil in your hair between washes. Using a dry shampoo means you dont have to wash your hair as often and we all know that washing hair every day can be damaging. For blondes, it can also help lighten up roots between colours. Usually sold in a spray can, you just apply a light coat, shake and youre away!

 The right hair care routine is the key to making everyones hair look its beautiful best. These products are a good starting point, but be sure to do your own research and hunt down some of the other awesome hair care products out there, to find the ones that best suit you.


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Finesse Female Facial Hair Removal

Female facial hair can be embarrassing. It often appears first during puberty and then gets darker and coarser after the age of thirty five, when facial hair removal becomes an important issue.

Most female facial hair appears over the lip and on the chin, but many females have unwanted hair on their jaw, cheeks and neck. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways to finesse female facial hair removal.

First and foremost, a female should determine the underlying cause of her facial hair before deciding on a removal method.

Females who are pregnant or nursing often notice an increase of facial hair. They should speak with their doctor before using any hair removal method that uses energy, chemicals or drugs.

Females who have high levels of androgens, (a steroid hormone, such as testosterone or androsterone, that controls the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics), creating facial hair may obtain prescription oral medications from a medical specialist.

Tweezing is probably the method most often used to remove female facial hair. But while it's okay to use tweezers for eyebrows, it really isn't for other female facial hair. It's painful, time consuming usually needing to be done on a daily basis, and over time, tweezing can damage the skin.

Some females believe they can conceal their facial hair by bleaching it, but then, under make up and in bright light their face looks, "furry".

Topical creams for female facial hair removal, available only by prescription, inhibit the growth of new hairs for about 50% of the females who have used one.

Shaving with a wet razor is not recommended as a female facial hair removal method because hairs grow back very quickly and the stubble appears thicker and darker.

One can remove unwanted female facial hair with a hair removal cream or lotion known as a depilatory. But don't be surprised if you get pimples as a reaction to the harsh chemicals.

A facial wax is a clean, fast and easy method for removing female facial hair for up to 6 weeks. But, many experience swelling and redness in reaction to the hairs being literally yanked out.

Electrolysis is an unpleasant form of female facial hair removal because it involves inserting a needle into the follicle, (the skin depression from which the hair emerges), of each individual hair, which can cause swelling, redness, pinpoint scabbing and even scarring. Electrolysis requires anesthesia, is expensive and needs to be done regularly for 1 or 2 years to achieve final results.

Laser treatments for female facial hair removal can provide results within six to eight treatments - If you can afford the hefty cost. Because laser hair removal involves a hot laser light, "zapping", the hair follicles, these treatments require the use of a topical anesthetic.

One last thing - If you do your own research you'll discover there is one more hair removal method that will help you finesse your female facial hair.

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Finding a Hair Extensions Expert

Step One is Choosing the Right Hair Extensions Stylist

 Hair extensions can add length and thickness to your hair. Follow these tips to find the right hair extensions expert for you.

 Hair extensions can add volume and length to your hair, even if you are suffering from hair loss. Not all hairstylists are created equal, however -- some are much better than others. These suggestions can help you find a professional stylist with the qualifications and expertise necessary to provide you with high-quality, long-lasting, beautiful results.

 Ask friends and relatives with hair extensions

 The best resource is to ask someone you know with hair extensions. If you have friends, family members or acquaintances who wear extensions (and are satisfied with them), ask who does their hair and learn more about their experience. Find out what types of bonds are used, the approximate costs of the extensions and other details that are important to you.

 Call reputable salons in your area

 Sometimes cold calling is necessary to find a hair extensions expert. Make a list of the top salons in your area. Call and ask for their most experienced stylist working with hair extensions. Tell the person about the condition of your hair and any issues that you have with hair loss.

 Set up a consultation with two or three experts and meet them all before actually booking an appointment for your hair extensions.

 "And though you usually get what you pay for, the most expensive salon is not necessarily the best," says hair extensions stylist Jillian Montgomery of Los Angeles. "The key is finding a stylist who is experienced with hair loss and also knowledgeable about a variety of different types of extensions."

 Ask the right questions of your hair extensions expert

 At your consultations, arm yourself with a list of questions to help you make the right decision about your hair extensions.

 What type of hair do they use?
 What type of bond or attachment method do they use?
 What type of training have they had?
 How much experience do they have with hair extensions?
 Are they certified in hair extensions?
 Is hair loss their specialty?
 Can they provide client references?
 How long will it take to attach the extensions?
 How much will the service cost in its entirety?
 How long will the extensions last?

 "At your preliminary visit, be sure to ask the stylist to show you pictures of their past work," says Giovanni Mele, owner of Giovanni & Pileggi salon in Philadelphia. Also, if they aren't able to provide client references, take your business elsewhere.

 Look online for reviews of hair extensions experts

 Online you'll find a number of websites where you can read customer reviews of hair salons and hairstylists specializing in hair extensions. Check out general websites such as and for local reviews, as well as sites that specialize in hair salon ratings, such as These websites feature profiles of various salons and stylists, along with honest opinions from clients who have used the services in the past. On the Internet, you'll also find websites such as, where you can search for hair extensions experts in your area.

 The application of hair extensions is not a quick process. It's very important that you are comfortable with your stylist. During your initial consultation, make sure you have a connection and develop a rapport with this person. You will need to sit in his or her salon for several hours and possibly come back for future visits. You must be confident in the stylist's capabilities, as well as comfortable enough to ask questions, express your needs and voice your concerns. The decision to get hair extensions can be a wonderful one if you select the right expert for you.

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FDA Gives Green Light On Hair Loss Laser Treatment Device

For those people who have waited until advanced stages of male or female pattern baldness have set in, there now exist a procedure that offers promising results in your battle against hair loss. Even if you are currently using hair loss products, laser treatments will improve your hair loss program.

An effective hair loss tool

If you have more advanced stages of hair loss and find that your current hair loss treatments aren't producing quite the results you want, don't give up. There is an effective treatment you can add to your arsenal of hair loss tools to ramp up hair growth. People are having good results from laser hair loss treatments in stopping hair loss and restoring hair. The interesting thing about the recent studies is that 90% of the people that received laser therapy had benefited from reduced hair loss, hair re growth or both. More than 40 percent of the participants in the study experienced positive results as early as 6 weeks and the ofther half between 6 to 12 weeks.

Laser therapy amplifies the therapeutic value of oral DHT inhibitors.

Studies have also shown that laser therapy improves the performance of quality oral hair loss products as well. For oral or topical hair loss products to be effective, they have to deliver sufficient amounts of their active ingredients to the essential parts of the hair follicles. Laser treatments significantly increase the amount of oral DHT inhibitor that reach the hair follicles due to the increased blood flow achieved from the treatments. DHT inhibitors simply work better combined with laser treatments. More DHT inhibitor reaches the hair follicles.

Laser treatments improve Topical hair growth stimulants.

However, the good news doesn't stop here. Laser hair loss treatments also have improved the results people are getting with topical hair growth stimulants that contain Minoxidil.

The hand held laser.

A hand held laser is very convenient and easy to use. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes three times per week at home. While hand held lasers are not quite on par with in-clinic laser therapy, they still are quite effective in treating hair loss. Beyond the initial purchase of the laser, there is no expense in administering this treatment from home. The cost of in-clinic laser therapy accumulates with each visit making it more expensive.

FDA gives clearance for compact hair loss lasers.

The hand held version of the therapeutic laser has been medically tested and proven to be both safe and effective as a non surgical way of treating hair loss. The FDA cleared a hand held laser made by Lexington LLC as a medical device, and as a result, offers an attractive option for hair growth for medical practitioners.

Clinical results

Lexington conducted an extensive clinical study in four different locations across the United States and submitted the results to the FDA according to their submission requirements. The results of the study showed that 93 of the participants (ages 30-60) using the hand held laser unit had an increase in the number of thick hairs. The average number of terminal hairs per square centimeter increased by 19 hairs/cm over a six-month period. During this study, there were no reports of serious adverse side effects. The number and types of adverse side effects were similar in both the active and placebo groups.

Thoughts from the managing director of Lexington LLC.

The managing director of Lexington LLC, David Michaels, had the following comment to make "We are very excited that we have reached a major milestone in hair care and science. Laser hair therapy is the talk of the hair restoration industry today. Furthermore, not only were the results of this study extremely significant, but with the credibility of the FDA clearance, we are soundly positioned to make a substantial impact in the emerging hair restoration industry."

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Famous Footballers' Hair Loss

Wayne Rooney is probably one of the most well-known men who has undergone a hair transplant in the past year, however, he isnt the only follicly challenged footballer out there yes, there are more! While not all footballers going through hair loss chose to do something as dramatic about their thinning hair, there are lots of others who have gone down different routes to treat their balding.
 Liverpool and Spain goalkeeper Pepe Reina was open about losing his hair when he was just a teenager. He came into the sports scene with very little hair that has since been cut very close to the scalp. His hair loss started with crowning, but the keeper wasnt so bothered and allowed his hair to fall out gracefully without feeling the need to cover it up or invest it any treatment.

 Englands midfielder Joe Cole has been monitored for his bald patch for some time now, and is at approximately phase 4 of the Hamilton Norwood scale of hair loss where crowning at the vertex is started to show. He has even been nicknamed Le Patch, and is a firm favourite at the bookies to be the next England team member to get in touch with a hair loss clinic.

 Much further down in the Hamilton Norwood chart is midfielder Danny Murphy. While he hasnt let fame get to him that much, the same cannot be said for male pattern baldness. While friends and those close to the Fulham footballer insist that hair loss treatment isnt on the cards for Murphy, some may say that he could do with it, as Murphys bald patch is growing quite quickly!

 The same cant be said for Stephen Ireland. Aston Villas newest addition was said to have already had surgery to restore his prematurely bald head, but after being excessively teased by team mates he decided to shave it all off. It is likely that Ireland will go for an alternative, somekeyword form of hair loss treatment to hide his bare head and prevent him from any future teasing.

 Something that all of the footballers have in common is that they have suffered from hair loss a totally normal part of some peoples lives. Some will chose to embrace balding and let their hair fall, while some prefer to make a well-spent investment in somekeyword If you would like more information on non-surgical hair replacement, visit Bloomsbury of Londons website today.


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Famous Afro Hair Styles Of The Celebrities

Making a statement isnt always the easiest thing to do, especially if all of the most obvious ways of standing out in a good way have been taken. However, thanks to celebrity inspiration, one way of making a bold statement with lots of personalised options is by using the hair. In fact, gone are the days of neat and precisely styled looks being the only in way to wear the hair, and now it seems the bigger the better!
 When thinking about the celebrity input into making big hair a valued fashion statement, the Jackson 5 were without a doubt, the trendsetters. Making it big in the 1970s, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and of course Michael were true to their roots in the literal way! The boys kept the look simple and left the focus to the voices with their cute but expressive afros. The boys were raised in Indiana, and were well known for being the brood with the hair. The Jackson 5 set the trend when it came to embracing the afros and were the original style icons.

 Arguably, the 70s was quite a popular time for afros, but no star made an impression on the public with their big hair quite like Mel B, who came along some time later! The Scary star of the five strong group stayed true to her nickname when it came to her style, establishing that her big her contributed greatly to her equally big personality. Mel embraced her big hair and made everyone around very aware that she was incredibly proud to be blessed with such beautiful locks, inspiring mini-Spices everywhere to imitate it!

 A more recent star who made her big her part of her act is Adele. The star is undeniably talented, and took the world by storm in the noughties. Not only do her touching lyrics reach the hearts of all her fans, but her positive approach to fame has also been something holding Adele in excellent stead for the future. While Adele doesnt have an afro, the star certainly does have big hair. With her own take on a beehive Adele always stuns with her look as well as her performances, and manages to keep a basic look edgy and chic without distracting from her stunning voice.

 Sometimes, it can be difficult to achieve big hair without some help from somekeyword Longer and often thicker hair is always important when ti comes to creating the perfect big hairstyle, and there is no shame in having help as long as its undetectable! For the most natural hair pieces, visit somekeyword today!